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Trailblazer® 302 Air Pak™

Powerful all-in-one tool designed for repair and construction with multiprocess weld quality, generator power, air compressor and battery charge/jump start.

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Superior arc performance. Preset dig settings optimized for the majority of stick welding applications, best-in-class wire arc performance, and two Lift-Arc™ TIG modes for most DC TIG applications.

Strongest combined generator/compressor power. Delivers an industryleading 13,000 watts of peak generator power independent of weld settings — can power a Spectrum® 875 plasma cutter, and provide air for plasma cutting at the same time (rated 13 mm [1/2 in.]) mild steel).

Rotary screw air compressor. Delivers up to 0.88 m3/min. (31 cfm) and 160 psi of air with no storage tank. Gives 100 percent deliverable air and runs many tools at idle speed. Air outputs are rated at an industry-high 40°C (104°F). Front panel air pressure adjustment and automatic overpressure shutdown with indication. Designed for more than 30,000 hours of operation and warranted for three years by Miller.

Battery charge/crank assist. Provides selectable 12- or 24-volt battery charging with up to 450 amps of battery crank assist capability. Convenient front panel access. Note: Battery charge/jump cables (300422) must be ordered separately.



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