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Big Blue® 500X Pro

Clean, quiet, multiprocess machines designed to give welders the output they need for heavy-duty applications on construction and fabrication sites.

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Arc control is beneficial when welding with stick and solid wires for easier fine-tuning of tough-to-weld materials and out-of-position applications.

Industrial USB port. Quickly upload the latest software and download machine log files to retrieve in-depth information such as diagnostics and machine statistics.

Low OCV stick (VRD) for improved operator safety without compromising arc starts.

Auto Remote Sense™ (ARS) detects if a remote control is plugged into the 14-pin receptacle and eliminates confusion of a remote/panel switch.

15,000 watts of pure generator power. Plug in an extra Miller® inverter-based power source for an additional welding arc!

Standard features include digital meters with SunVision,™ adjustable Hot Start,™ output contactor control, automatic idle, thermal overload protection and 120-volt block heater.



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