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Afritech Solutions announce exclusive supply agreement with “ATLANTIC Welding Consumables”

Afritech Solutions are proud to announce that we have signed an exclusive supply agreement with “ATLANTIC Welding Consumables” which has been around for more than 70 years in the manufacturing of welding consumables. The company has the world’s largest unmanned intelligent production workshop & OEM for some of the major brands globally. They also have some of the worlds most advanced testing equipment and is one of the most complete welding material manufacturers worldwide. Atlantic have over 500 types of consumables which are divided into welding electrodes, welding wires, flux-cored wires & fluxes.

Their products have various international approvals like CCS, LR, ABS, Bureau (BKI), GL, BV, DNV, NK, KR, CWB, TUV as well as CE. The Atlantic products can also be produced and supplied to various specifications and classifications as customers require. The “ATLANTIC” ISO 9001 Management System is approved by The Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) and the Inspection Department of “ATLANTIC” is the only welding manufacturer that achieved ISO 17025 “Laboratory Accreditation Certificate” in the welding industry throughout Asia.

The Atlantic range of products are produced to cover most Industries and sectors and have been involved with various big projects.


  1. Olympic Stadium (Bird’s Nest)
  2. Shanghai Tower
  3. Sichuan Spherical (Gas-Holder)
  4. Submarine Pipeline
  5. Shenzhou VI Spacecraft
  6. Natural Gas Transmission (West to East China- 4000 Kilometers)
  7. Oinshan Nuclear Power Station
  8. Lanzhou Oil Refinery
  9. The 159 000 DWT (Crude Oil Tanker)


For QUALITY, CONSISTENCY & COST SAVING “ATLANTIC” is a must have for your workshop

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