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Pnuematic Driven Tools

Afritech Equipment Solutions supplies, rents and sells Pnuematic Driven Tools from leading brands across South Africa

Pnuematic Driven Tools

Afritech Equipment Solutions is a supplier of the Air Boss range of pneumatic tools, which are designed to meet the stringent demands of the heavy-duty industry sector. We are also able to supply the Air Boss secondary tier range of pneumatic tools suited for lighter industry sector.  All Air Boss products are CE Certified, thus providing client with quality assurance.

Air Boss manufactures industrial grade pneumatic tools, utilizing a patented magnesium alloy, giving the operator an industrial tool, which minimizes fatigue, attributed to its ultra-lightweight and ergonomic design. They are also credited with inventing the world’s shortest pneumatic wrench, the total length is only 84mm and was a nominee for the best design award 2020 from the German design council.

Afritech Equipment Solutions is also a supplier of Sumake CE Certified pneumatic driven tools which includes ratchet wrenches, drills, grinders and sanders. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we are assured that all products are subject to strict quality control measures.

We provide technical assistance, repair and maintenance service options nationally for these products.

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