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Hydraulic Jacks and Accessories

Afritech Equipment Solutions supplies, rents and sells Hydraulic Jacks and Accessories from leading brands across South Africa

Hydraulic Jacks and Accessories

Afritech Equipment Solutions is a supplier of hydraulic equipment and partners with Hi-Force. Hi-Force is the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic tools, catering to a wide variety of industries. The product range comprises over 2,000 products, including hydraulic cylinders, pumps, jacks, torque tools, bolt tensioners, hydrotest pumps, puller kits, crimpers and cutters, nut splitters, flange spreaders, tough-lift jacking systems and more.

Hi-Force manufactures products of the highest quality to ensure it meets stringent quality requirements whilst retaining a competitive price in the global market for hydraulic tools. Our research, development and design office continues to expand, ensuring that our products remain at the leading edge of currently available hydraulic tool technology in South Africa.

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