Argon Tig Torches and

Afritech Equipment Solutions supplies, rents and sells Argon Tig Torches and Spares from leading brands across South Africa

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Argon Tig Torches and Spares

Afritech Equipment Solutions provides quality Tig torches, spares and consumables that have been manufactured to international standards. Our Dura Arc range of Tig torches offer quality workmanship and competitive pricing in comparison to other local brands on the market.

We also provide Tig torches and spares from the world leading GTAW Welding, Miller Weldcraft. These torches and spares are designed and manufactured in the United States, their consumables are made of the highest quality copper alloys that can handle extreme temperatures.

There are a variety of Miller Weldcraft Tig torches available, that can handle the most intricate to the most demanding welding challenges for nearly every TIG application.

We sell brands that builds the world

Industry sectors that we service

Petrochemical Refineries

We specialize in the supply and management of petrochemical shutdown equipment, accessories, and consumables. We currently have supply contracts with two major petrochemical refineries in South Africa.

Paper Mills and Pulp

Most mechanical contractors that execute shutdowns, maintenance and projects on the various paper and pulp mills in South Africa utilizes Afritech Equipment Solutions as their total supply package solution.

Ship Repairs and Maintenance

We have branches that service the companies that are responsible for ship repairs and maintenance at both Cape Town and Durban harbours.

Mining and Construction

Our experienced staff have executed and managed the equipment and consumable supply scope for numerous expansion and new projects on various mines located both in South Africa and cross border countries.

Power Generation Plants

Both listed and privately owned companies turn to Afritech as their complete supply solution when they need to execute the scheduled maintenance at the power generation plants that are scattered across South Africa.

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